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We at the American Sleep Apnea Association know that the road to successful treatment of sleep apnea comes sooner and more smoothly if you can benefit from the experience of those who came before you. In addition to our web site and other resources, publications, and videos, we provide patient support in several forms: 

We have A.W.A.K.E. education and support groups all over the country. New ones are starting up all the time.

All About A.W.A.K.E
Would you like to start up an A.W.A.K.E. group? 

Or try one of these options: 

We maintain the Apnea Support Forum, where patients answer each other’s questions or search by category to learn about situations similar to theirs. Read as others describe, in their own words, what has helped them make their therapy more comfortable, how they’ve handled issues with insurance or medical suppliers, and more. 

The American Sleep Apnea Association organizes the wisdom of patients, care providers, and science to help people with sleep apnea. Together we can do more to promote research and awareness, producing better treatment options for everyone. Just as many have come before you, you in turn can show the next generation what a vibrant life with sleep apnea looks like—and  how you got there. Read about how you can get involved.