I Need a CPAP Machine

Qualified patients will receive an equipment package of CPAP, AutoCPAP or BiLevel as prescribed, mask, tubing, filters and carrying case. Once the CAP program application has been submitted, a $100 application fee to the ASAA per applicant covers shipping and application processing costs for the equipment.  

How do I start the process?

#1 Print the CAP application form (.pdf) A licensed physician must complete the application on behalf of the patient. The patient is required to sign/witness the Claims & Waiver Form which is included in the printable application form.

CAP Application Form

#2 Click the button below to submit the program application fee of $100. You must include the name of the patient receiving the CPAP equipment in the comments section.

In comment section type: "C.A.P. Program Fee".

If you have questions or need more information, contact the program coordinator manager@donatedcpap.org  or call 888-293-3650 choose option 1 and leave a message.

To learn more about how our program works, please review our Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know if I qualify for the CAP program?

A. Patients who have low deductable insurance plans or are otherwise able to afford CPAP equipment based on their physician's evaluation, may not qualify for the CAP program.

Q. Is the application fee refundable if I don't qualify?

A. Yes, 100%.

Q. What will I receive in the equipment package?  

A. The equipment package includes: CPAP/APAP/BiLevel, mask, tubing, filter & carrying case.

Q. How long will it take to process my application for a CPAP/APAP/BiLevel?                      

A. Once we receive the completed application and donation fee, you can expect to receive the equipment package in approximately three weeks.

Incomplete applications will held for 30 days, at which time the process may need to be restarted.

Q. Why is there a program fee?      

A. We ask beneficiaries of the program to contribute a small amount relative to the value of the equipment package to offset the costs of processing the application and the shipping fees.

Q. How will I know when my device has been shipped?                                                      

A. If you provided an email address on your application, we will send you the UPS tracking number as soon as it leaves our donation center.

Q. Does the device need to be shipped to my doctor's office?                                             

A. Yes, the package of equipment is shipped to your prescribing physician's office and/or agency indicated on the CAP application.   The physician/agency must be responsible for answering any questions you have about the basic use of the machine and mask.  The CAP program does not have the staff to answer those questions.

Q. What if there is a problem with the machine or mask?                                       

A. We test the devices to assure they are in good working order before they are shipped. If the machine is damaged in shipment or fails within 30 days, we will replace it.

Q. How do I contact a program staff member?

A.  Please submit all questions to manager@donatedcpap.org  If you do not have access to email you may call our tol.l free voice mailbox 888- 293-3650, choose option 1.   A staff member will respond to email and phone messages as soon as possible.