I Need a CPAP Machine

NOTE - Please be certain to read the important program message on the home page for the CPAP Assistance Program.

We are glad you found our program. We will do everything possible to help send a properly set CPAP/Bi-Level device, hose and mask to your physician's office as quickly as we can.

Here are answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. How long will it take to process my application for a device?                                         

A. If your doctor is requesting a traditional CPAP machine and the application is complete and the program fee is received - three to four weeks.

If the physician is requesting a specialty device i.e., Bi-Level, APAP, or ASV - shipping depends on device availability and whether there is a waiting list for the specialty device.  Every effort is made to send the device to the physician's office as soon as possible.

  • Q. How will I know when my device has been shipped?                                                      

A. If you provided an email address on your application, we will send you the UPS tracking number as soon as it leaves our donation center.

  • Q. Does the device need to be shipped to my doctor's office?                                             

A. Yes, the package of equipment is shipped to your attending physician's office and/or agency indicated on the CAP application.   The physician/agency must be responsible for answering any questions you have about the basic use of the machine and mask.  The program does not have the staff to answer those questions.

  • Q. Why is there a program fee?      

A. We ask beneficiaries of the program to contribute a small amount relative to the cost of a new machine, to help pay for the getting the machines ready for use and shipped.  

  • Q. What if there is a problem with the machine or mask?                                       

     A. We make every effort to test the devices and the other equipment is working properly before they are shipped.  We will make every effort to replace non-working equipment if it is reported immediately upon arrival.

  • Q. What happens with incomplete applications?

A. Program staff will attempt to contact the beneficiary and/or the treating physician's office to get the need information.   If they are unsuccessful getting the information or the program fee is not received within 30 days, the application program must be restarted.

  • Q. How do I contact a program staff member?

       A. The best method of contact for a program staff member is email, please submit questions to CAP@sleepapnea.org. If you do not have access to email you can reach a program staff member Tuesday-Thursday, from 11am to 3pm EST.   A staff member will respond to emails and phone messages as soon as possible.