CPAP Assistance Program


Effectively immediately the program can not process any new applications for Bi-Level PAP devices. Once the current wait listed requests have been process we will reopen the program for these requests.

If you have any questions please email or leave a message calling 888-293-3650 choosing option 1

American Sleep Apnea Association's

CPAP Assistance Program

The program recycles gently used CPAPs  in order to put them in the hands of those who need therapy but don't have the means to pay for it or insurance that provides coverage. Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy is the most widely used and most effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, a life-shortening disease that is estimated to affect 22 million Americans.

Our program accomplishes two goals: one, puts life-changing therapy in the hands of those who desperately need it, and two, keeps usable equipment from filling already overcrowded landfills.

If you have a CPAP device to donate to CAP or if you need a CPAP device and can’t afford one, please click the appropriate button below.

If you’d like more information about healthy sleep, sleep apnea, or the American Sleep Apnea Association, please click here.

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Make your donation for the program fee by clicking  here In comment section type: "C.A.P. Program Fee".

Have you or someone you love been helped by PAP therapy?

Please consider making a donation to support CAP - click here to make a gift online.

If you have any questions or concerns please write to the Executive Director


Supported by a generous grants from the  American Sleep Medicine Foundation and the ResMed Foundation.

In-kind contributions from ResMed Philips Respironics Fisher & Paykel

Additional in-kind support from Respiratory Solutions, DFS Sleep, Better Rest Solutions


*The American Sleep Apnea Association and Prairie Home Medical reserves the right to decline any request for assistance under the program, if the application is incomplete or missing the program fee donation. The decision of the Association or the program administrator is final.