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Contact the ASAA

CPAP Assistance Program - 888-293-3650 or fax at 888-293-3650

For all questions about our CPAP Assistance Program, and to check application or program fee status.

You can reach us by telephone:

202-280-2052 or fax at 888-293-3650

The ASAA is not able to provide medical or legal assistance. If you have a question, please visit our community forum at talk.sleeptember.org in order to get support from other patients or our volunteers.

Sleephealth Mobile App Study - 877-355-0119

Leave a message if you have questions about the study or your participation.

Or email us:

General inquiries: asaa@sleepapnea.org
CAP – CPAP Assistance Program: manager@donatedcpap.org
A.W.A.K.E. Patient Support Network: awake@sleepapnea.org
Sleeptember®: asaa@sleepapnea.org